Sustainability at Lilias Active

We know that the sustainable work we do today has a direct impact on all our futures. Thats why we are committed to evolving, adjusting and stepping up when it comes to our sustainability effortsunderstanding that it is an ever-evolving challenge.  

We are continuously having the discussion with our factory, designers, internal team and customers so that we can be mindful of our daily actions and increase environmental awareness.  

We Are Not Fast Fashion

Our products are high-quality and made to last, ensuring them a spot in your wardrobe and out of landfills for years to come.  

Mindfully Produced

It is important to us that the workers behind our products have high-standard working conditions and that the manufacturer is ethically run. Our supplier maintains high standards for their employees and have documented reports of
Business Social Compliance Initiative) and
Société Générale de Surveillance) from external audits.  

Thoughtfully Delivered

From the supplier, a majority of our product is shipped by sea instead of air to reduce our environmental impact. Once the product arrives at our fulfillment centers, it is packaged in our 100% recycled polybags and is then prepared to be delivered to you in a 100% compostable mailing bag created from bio-based materials.

Bigger Plans for a Smaller Impact

We recognize that there are numerous sustainable initiatives that we must set and achieve to create a positive impact, and we are committed to stepping up to the challenge and minimizing our mark on the planet. 
We have set goals and put plans into motion that involve completely recycled collections, lowering our emission outputs by increasing our shipments by sea instead of air, and creating long-lasting relationships with our partners who have the same sustainable ambitions and standards as ourselves