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The Best Winter Workout Gear - What To Wear To Stay Warm & Super Fit

Picking winter workout gear can make or break your training. The right gear can increase your performance, comfort, and confidence. The wrong one can leave you cold, uncomfortable, and less confident. Choosing the right women's winter workout gear starts with understanding its purpose and how it will fit into your routine.

That unmatched sense of confidence and self-love when you know that you look your very best. The assurance that you are more than ready to take on any challenge life throws at you. That urge to jump out of bed in the morning because you can’t wait to work out and sculpt your dream body and self. That feeling of being truly happy and content with your life. That desire to inspire and help others reach their goals and live healthier lives.

Sound familiar?

These are some of the best benefits of working out. Regular exercise improves physical and mental health, helps reduce stress, improves your self-confidence, and positively impacts your quality of life. But anyone who’s ever achieved a beach body and the energy levels to match a teenager’s knows the consistent effort it takes to get there.

We’re talking about getting out of bed no matter what come rain or shine, over the span of many months, day in and day out. We’re talking about the unabashed willingness to work out, go to the gym, and inch closer to the version of yourself you’ve always dreamed about, even though it’s a lot easier to sit on the couch and binge Netflix.

Most people will only display this kind of willingness if the external conditions suit them. If it’s the right time of the day, if the sun shines at the perfect angle, if the morning coffee was perfectly roasted and the milk foamed to a sublime froth. If. If. If. But if you can toughen up your mentality and put in the work, you’ll be better for it mentally and physically.

woman wearing winter workout gear

How To Keep Up With Your Fitness Routine During Winter

But what happens when winter rolls around? Real winter — the kind that makes you want to sleep extra, cancel other plans, and indulge in your favorite guilty pleasures. Indoors. Where it’s cozy.

That’s when many gymgoers actually break their stride. Regardless of how much they’ve worked up to that specific point, the freezing temperatures are more than enough to make them go back to square one.

So what do you do to keep your amazing gym stats and stay on track with your fitness regimen even in winter?

You get the appropriate winter workout gear, of course. 

Let’s expand on this and see how you can still work towards your dream physical condition and what women's winter workout gear to wear for the best results. 

Warm, Stretchy Leggings

Whatever you’re doing as part of your fitness regime, you most likely need flexibility for your legs. But you also need the kind of warmth that keeps unpleasant weather conditions at bay and leaves you feeling comfortable enough to go through with your routine. Lilias Active Signature Seamless Leggings, for instance, do just this. 

women’s leggings from Lilias Active

Apart from being seamless and super chic, these leggings are also made of a moisture-wicking fabric designed to keep you dry for as long as possible. If you do get wet though, rest assured the fabric is also quick-dry, making it easier for you to get back to workout comfort.

The nylon, polyester, and elastane combo makes the fabric breathable, allowing your skin to breathe — even at the peak of your fitness session.

Together with our Signature Collection, there are also other styles to choose from. For instance, we have the Ribbed Knit Collection with leggings that come in both seamless and ⅞ variants

These leggings have a four-way stretch, lending them the ability to stretch even further than regular leggings so that they can conform to the shape of your thighs and legs. 

If you think your workout may turn out to be more challenging and uniquely angled, then our Super Stretch Leggings are what you need. 

Sure, if you want to just lounge on the couch while wearing these, go ahead!

Ribbed Seamless Crop Top

Moving towards the upper part of the body, no winter workout gear is truly complete without a Ribbed Seamless Crop Top. This type of crop is ideal for high-impact activities like running as it has a smooth, seam-free fit that won’t chafe or irritate your skin. 

ribbed seamless crop tops

The high-quality material we use at Lilias Active to make our ribbed seamless crop tops has excellent thermal properties, keeping you nice and toasty during those chilly early morning runs.

So if you are looking for a clothing item that is super soft, comfortable, and stretchy, and which  

 is perfect for working out or lounging around the house either by itself or layered, you can never go wrong with one of our ribbed seamless crop tops.

Long-Sleeved Crop Top

Who said that working out during winter time means losing attractiveness points? No one. Or even if you’ve ever heard such a thing, it’s best to ignore it.

Having said this, a long-sleeved crop top is an amazing choice of winter gear that can keep you surprisingly warm by locking in some of the body heat through its long sleeves. However, the comfy crop design will still enable you to feel chic and fresh. 

Our Seamless Scrunch Crop Top, as its name implies, features a seamless design. Moreover, it’s made of a breathable and elastic fabric that lets your skin breathe during your workouts, all while your body moves freely. 

long sleeves seamless scrunch crop top

The thumbholes at the sleeve cuffs bring an extra element of practicality to your workouts. Plus, the quick-drying formula of the fabric itself will help you feel comfortable at all times.

The long-sleeved crop top is ideal for indoor gym use, but you can also turn daredevil and use it outdoors, underneath another long-sleeved layer or a puffer vest.

Weatherproof Jacket

A weatherproof jacket truly is the pièce de résistance in any serious winter workout gear. Even though many feisty athletes go out single-layered, you might learn by yourself that wearing a lightweight waterproof jacket will save you some headaches down the line. Some sniffles probably too.

This is because a professional weatherproof jacket is meant to act as a protective layer that will insulate you from the cold weather outside. 

This will, first of all, protect you from the biting wind that’s bound to be present during some of your winter workouts. Then it will also allow you to retain more body heat, creating a layer of warmth that keeps you well-vascularized and prepared for your workout. 


Is this enough to complete a fabulous women's winter workout gear? Well, not yet. 

Add to all these items a pair of comfortable sneakers, a hoodie, appropriate gloves, an insulating layer to protect your head, and your everyday workout accessories and you’re bound to seamlessly continue your fitness routines all season long.

Before you know it, winter is over, and spring comes around. You’ll start to shed some layers and, ultimately, gratefully acknowledge the fact that, against all odds, you’ve managed to stick to your goals and maintain those beautiful fitness stats that make you feel such satisfaction.